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Horse Meat Disco

It was great receiving Pizzico Records‘ offer (I have always appreciated their interesting stuff) of remixing the band where Jumbo was a key character. We have known each other for many years also via Fabio of Disco Inn in Modena, I used to work for as correspondent from London. I have created my remix using the original track as the single parts where no longer available. I have created a new, more modern, base and a brand new bassline tending toward electroclash. All by sampling and filtering a bit the refrain. I am trying it out in several clubs worldwide and it seems to be working pretty well.

the caribbean house

The Caribbean House

Pizzico Records

TCH (The Caribbean House) is a project with a very strong local feature – meaning not musically xenophobic but linked to the original territory where it comes from and aware of local independent musical history. I was (Niccolò Bruni, ndr) twice excited at the thought of putting myself on the line both as label (Pizzico Records) and musical project (TCH) in celebrating Modena natives Ciao Fellini, who marked the decade between the 80s and 90s. Our remix plays with the original disco version and our sharper Dadaist one, trying to turn the summery refrain in some sort of Alpine chorus. Synths are cold but they heat the voice background, the rhythmic is electro with a hint of big beat, basically a quotation in the quotation. The idea of a remix is for us the same of twenty years ago: a misunderstanding on purpose of the original version.

dj rocca

Dj Rocca

Maffia / Erodiscotique

When long time friends Jumbo and Niccolò asked me about remixing Ciao Fellini I was immediately onboard. I got even more excited when I found the track "Dalì" unknown to me, a fantastic italo spaghetti house that I could mix as I wanted. I have tried to keep the original version whilst getting rid of the parts I though less contemporary. The track with just a few rhythmic tricks and stylistic emphasis, becomes actual again, where the ambient house sound, or Italian tropicalhouse, becomes a new trend. Touch of colour: to leave my clear mark I added some notes with a wooden flute. The tropical Italian sound of Ciao Fellini is enriched with a shaolin touch by Rocca.

johnny paguro

Johnny Paguro

Pizzico Records / Museek

The friendship I have with Niccolò and Jumbo has always been based on exciting and stimulating collaborations, together with loads of irony I am often the easy mark of, being the youngest of the three. That is what happens when you mix with more seasoned people but also sometimes you get the inestimable recognition of taking part in projects like this. When I listened to the original version of "Dalì" I was fascinated by some vocal cuts and the irresistible "rap" of Bob. I remixed the bassline creating one which echoed the original but in a more insistent fashion. The rest came by itself, a mix of respect for the original sound while winking at the more contemporary 4/4.

Limited Edition 12" available at: BORDELLO A PARIGIJUNO

Ciao Fellini

We were defined trash, italo disco, Balearic, post modern, pop, funny, cheerful, smart… When we founded Ciao Fellini our mission was to create danceable pop music and end our experience in less than a decade: 1984-1990. We were an open invitation to ephemeral, insecurity, incomplete, we were feeling part of a small centre where we managed clubs, we organized parties, and where we were searching for a way to have fun and amuse the others, always with a bit of consciousness that everything couldn’t be so “light” and “so eighties”. We worked with great musicians and huge producers such as Sauro Malavasi e Celso Valli. In 1998 with “La Mia banda suona il rock” cover we won Festivalbar in the new talent competition. In 1986 with song “Noche a Bahia” we gave life to the first Balearic wave. We closed our career in 1990 with a song dedicated to Salvador Dalì. An invisible thread has connected us to those years, and at the end, after thirty years we are here trying to understand how this could happen! Noche A Bahia and Dalì remixes are the certified genuine product of contemporary Italian DJs and producers who hold different stories and sounds: Severino from titled Horse Meat Disco team, The Caribbean House which includes historic elements of Technogod and Disciplinatha, Johnny Paguro from house of Pizzico and true Disco icon DJ Rocca. As always, in Ciao Fellini philosophy we required authenticity and groove to go back for a little while into the Milano da bere years! with a 2016 sound of the “Milano to avoid”. Enjoy it but more importantly, dance!

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